The new album is finished

Last two weeks full immersion in studio meant we finished all main mixing, last few vocal overdubs will happen in few days and end of the week the new Nosound album will be closed. Yes, we did it!

It was an amazing collective work of all the band this time more than ever, the quality is just a step ahead of everything we did in the past, and the hires stereo and surround bluray audio will show it clearly (plus heavy weight 180gr vinyl).

In a few weeks release date, cover, title and all details will be revealed and preorder campaign will start. As usual we’re preparing exclusive merchandise and extras for preorders, so be ready to be in the first few hundreds!

During preorder we’ll release 2 or 3 singles/videos, revealing as well the amazing guests we had the honour to work with and who agreed to add their own ‘voice’ to this new album.

In case you missed it, there are already a few videos anticipating how is the new material..some of it you’ll hear it sooner, some of it later…we’ll not say more “)


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