New album updates!

First snow fall outside the Nosound studio: a short walk outside was a good chance to recap new Nosound album exciting events and share something..
Release date for new album is finalised, early 2016 we start with preorders and be ready with your Bluray players ;)
We have studio booked in Rome in December to finish recording all drums, some incredible collaboration we’re talking through, and a unique recording location for all vocals..
The most important part of it all, the music, it took many new directions. It’s still a Nosound album, but is the most different than the previous ones, and marks a big change. It packs all together the most sarcastic, personal, angry and uplifting material we ever wrote.
With every new album we naturally detached more and more from early influences, searching and developed our identity, but this new album is the one where we really think Nosound became ‘Nosound’ as an independent and unique entity.
The next few months as we go into final stages we’ll post as usual pictures, audio snippets and updates from the studio up to the moment when we’ll finally be able to share all the work of the last two years with you all :)

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