Renaissance (2001 pre-Nosound, Maslova demo)

Old and rare audio material emerging from cleaning backup hard drives..this is an example of Nosound before Nosound even existed! One of the tracks from the first unpublished demo Maslova: Renaissance

We receive several requests by mail and Facebook about the history of Nosound before Nosound, and that means mainly the two demos Maslova and Waves On Russia and where to buy them.

For some reason I decided now to go through old hard drives and something is emerging, also from my mind…this is Renaissance, originally part of demo Maslova, inspired at the time by Tolstoy’s novel ‘Resurrection’ and the female character Maslova.

In 2001 I was able to afford my first decent (for that time!) project studio, and there was a lot of playing and recording..for some reason I decided that things like this were worth to save and publish!

I’m sorry for the low quality, I think it’s now just a curiosity for Nosound fans..and for me a melancholic jump back in time that feels another life..


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