NOSOUND ‘semi-acoustic’ | 28-12-2012 online live streaming gig



NOSOUND ‘semi-acoustic’

Friday 28th December
h 17:30 (GMT) – free live internet streaming

Radio showcase at with live streaming at

After the ‘semi-acoustic’ album The Northern Religion Of Things released in 2011 on Kscope, the exclusive gigs in London (Union Chapel), Norwich and Treviso, the semi-acoustic Nosound quartet lineup plays an exclusive radio showcase in Rome for, live in streaming starting from 17:30 (GMT) at

It’s free and live from all over the world, using the standard platform Ustream available on all computers and also on most smartphones and tablets. Join us on this event on Facebook and live with your comments during the gig!

The band will play an 1h set including tracks from all previous albums and from the just released EP At The Pier, with the music re-arranged for this particular lineup.

Giancarlo Erra: vocals, keyboards, guitars
Paolo Vigliarolo: guitars
Alessandro Luci: upright bass
Marco Berni: keyboards


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