Nosound – The Northern Religion Of Things (Kscope, July 2011)


Nosound – “The Northern Religion Of Things”  (Kscope, July 2011)


The Northern Religion Of Things was recorded during the rehearsal

process for a special one-off ‘Nosound solo’ gig that Giancarlo Erra

performed in London in August 2010.


The tracks were recorded live straight from stereo outputs with no

overdubs or edits involved, and they’re a unique interpretation

of the more personal music from throughout Nosound’s catalogue.


1. About Butterflies And Children (3:01)

2. Fading Silently (5:49)

3. Kites (6:21)

4. Tender Claim (4:01)

5. The Misplay (4:40)

6. The Broken Parts (6:14)

7. Lightdark (8:10)

8. Hope For The Future (4:46)

9. Sol29 (7:39)


Recorded live, produced and remastered by Giancarlo Erra

at Nosound studio, Norwich (UK), 2010-2011


Coming soon in jewelcase with limited slipcase and exclusive preorder

on Burning Shed with strictly limited signed postcard.


Free promo video , free tracks and more news in the next few days!


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