Nosound live in Rome, galleries and video

The recent gig in Rome was really great, probably one of our best performances ever. The band was able to play the songs with a new ‘edge’, this time with more freedom and less written parts to follow if compared to the last gig we did with Wooden String Quartet.

The setlist included tracks from all three albums, including the long Winter Will Come and some more intimate/acoustic tracks like The Broken Parts, Lightdark and My Apology. The audience was always carefully listening to the music, and there was a general good vibe for this warm up date for more gigs that will follow in Europe in the next forthcoming months (more news soon).

Here are the galleries!


1- idle end
2- places remained
3- cold afterall
4- kites
5- the broken parts
6- my apology
7- some warmth into this chill
8- fading silently
9- winter will come
10- overloaded
11- the moment she knew
12- lightdark
13- in the white air


A few videos from the night, for our Bootlegging The Bootleggers serie (The Moment She Knew, Fading Silently coda, Places Remained):


And a few videos from the rehearsal sessions in studio (Idle End, My Apology, Winter Will Come coda):



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