Nosound – Sol29 (KScope 2010 cd+dvd remastered)

The long awaited reissue of Nosound’s 2005 debut album Sol29 will be available on Kscope from August 16th 2010 and it’s available for pre-order now!

The analogue re-mastered audio, revised graphics and added dvd make this release a very special one, and some material is available online for you related to this release.

First of all there’s now a promo launch website for the release,, where you can find more info and access to promo material for this specific release. You can help us forwarding this address on your social networks, as always our fan’s support will be the most important part of the commercial campaign for this release…and you really proved in these years to be our best promoters really!

From the same website you can also see a Youtube HD version of the new ten minutes long Sol29 video, a quite experimental piece of audio and video, the tale of a snowfall coming and going away..lots of details to catch in the perfect video for the title track.

As a final surprise, we decided to put on our Soundcloud Page a free full preview of the analogue remastered version of The Moment She Knew, all links and previews on promo website!
Take some time to visit our brand new Soundcloud page and leave a comment, and enjoy the music!


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