It’s the hard life of musicians..

..going to bed at 4am..waking up midday..great hotel room instead of the original hostel at almost the same price! Part of the band is visiting Parma..I’m happy for now to be the one still visiting a bed..meeting later to prepare for the gig!!


3 thoughts on “It’s the hard life of musicians..

  1. sadly I won’t come today…
    hope you record the gig and maybe release it someday or a gift for the fans….
    good luck Gian!!
    I’m sure you’ll strike’em out!!

    • I like Dave’s idea! Ya can’t ever have too much Nosound material! Especially if there is some of the new material included!

  2. Giancarlo,

    Congrats on the gig! Sounds as if it was a successful one. The Pineapple Thief is a great band I am glad that you might join them on some tours. I agree Hope that someone got some sound clips or possibly recorded your show there. It would be great to hear it.



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