Emily – the third video/single from Scintilla is out

The third single/video from Nosound new album Scintilla is out for preview for our fans.

An unusual track, a ‘Nosound song’ without being properly a song, featuring amazing cello by Marianne De Chastelaine and live brass section, together with some very emotional and personal lyrics:

“I think I said enough about this song in the recent diary…still and by far a very special song for me, personally my favourite one although short and quite ‘not a song’.

Amazing work by Marianne De Chastelaine on cello and our small live brass section. Musically speaking the start is as weird as deeply emotional is the end.

I will struggle on stage to keep myself together singing this one..”

Giancarlo Erra

Sogno e Incendio – Second single/video from Scintilla

NOSOUND – Sogno e Incendio (feat. Andrea Chimenti)

Director // Editor // Storyline: Erika Errante
With: Maddalena Ansaldi, Olivia Giovannini

Second single from new album Scintilla, available from

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Finally we can preview exclusively for our fans the second single/video from new album Scintilla! Again something different from the first single and from what we’ve done before, with a fully italian language track!

A lengthy minimalist ballad featuring the amazing Andrea Chimenti at vocals and rich in arrangement and guitars work.

#nosoundband #scintilla

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Scintilla – The EP


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SCINTILLA (the new studio album)


Nosound – Scintilla (Kscope)

Nosound’s fifth album marks a major departure and includes guest appearances from Anathema’s Vincent Cavanagh and acclaimed Italian singer Andrea Chimenti

Inspired by personal upheaval and a desire for change, Scintilla is an emotionally complex and musically direct work presenting a stripped-down set of compositions that mark a major departure from Nosound’s trademark symphonic lushness and production precision.

After a decade of crafting a very particular type of widescreen melancholia and wistful imagery, Nosound’s fifth studio album Scintilla introduces a wholly new musical and visual approach for Giancarlo Erra’s ever-evolving band.

Anathema’s Vincent Cavanagh lends his distinctive vocals to two of the album’s tracks, and cellist Marianne De Chastelaine returns once more to the Nosound fold. Acclaimed Italian singer Andrea Chimenti co-writes and sings on the serene Sogno E Incendio.


1. Short Story (2:24)
2. Last Lunch (7:00)
3. Little Man (4:38)
4. In Celebration Of Life (5:34)
5. Sogno e Incendio (4:44)
6. Emily (3:19)
7. The Perfect Wife (7:27)
8. Love Is Forever (2:51)
9. Evil Smile (4:33)
10. Scintilla (6:27)

Scintilla is available in the following formats:

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The new album is finished

Last two weeks full immersion in studio meant we finished all main mixing, last few vocal overdubs will happen in few days and end of the week the new Nosound album will be closed. Yes, we did it!

It was an amazing collective work of all the band this time more than ever, the quality is just a step ahead of everything we did in the past, and the hires stereo and surround bluray audio will show it clearly (plus heavy weight 180gr vinyl).

In a few weeks release date, cover, title and all details will be revealed and preorder campaign will start. As usual we’re preparing exclusive merchandise and extras for preorders, so be ready to be in the first few hundreds!

During preorder we’ll release 2 or 3 singles/videos, revealing as well the amazing guests we had the honour to work with and who agreed to add their own ‘voice’ to this new album.

In case you missed it, there are already a few videos anticipating how is the new material..some of it you’ll hear it sooner, some of it later…we’ll not say more “)

New album music & astrophotography


This week is going to be busy in London with Starmus and Kscope friends, and preparing everything for Nosound drums recording in Rome next week!

Second half of this year was the most creative I ever had, every day writing music and every clear night taking pictures of the sky like the one below.

The new album has now more than 85 minutes of music, belonging to kind of two different ‘cores’..loads of recording and choosing in the next few weeks, and important announcements in January!

Stay tuned on these pages for more details, and if you like the picture below don’t forget to visit http://theski.es for more!

New album updates!

First snow fall outside the Nosound studio: a short walk outside was a good chance to recap new Nosound album exciting events and share something..
Release date for new album is finalised, early 2016 we start with preorders and be ready with your Bluray players ;)
We have studio booked in Rome in December to finish recording all drums, some incredible collaboration we’re talking through, and a unique recording location for all vocals..
The most important part of it all, the music, it took many new directions. It’s still a Nosound album, but is the most different than the previous ones, and marks a big change. It packs all together the most sarcastic, personal, angry and uplifting material we ever wrote.
With every new album we naturally detached more and more from early influences, searching and developed our identity, but this new album is the one where we really think Nosound became ‘Nosound’ as an independent and unique entity.
The next few months as we go into final stages we’ll post as usual pictures, audio snippets and updates from the studio up to the moment when we’ll finally be able to share all the work of the last two years with you all :)